At North Idaho Christian School, our mission is to graduate students who have a firm grasp of their faith and can articulate a Christian worldview.  To that end we have developed a scope and sequence of study.

The following is the scope and sequence of our Bible curriculum:


Grade Level Themes Spiritual emphasis
Omnipotence, relationship to God, obedience OT and NT stories, boyhood of Jesus
Omnipotence, relationship to God, obedience, listening to God OT stories, Jesus, Peter, and Paul
Humility, thankfulness, faith Genesis, Daniel
Life of Jesus, Fruit of the Spirit, life of Paul Jesus, Acts
Relationship to God and others, omnipotence, omniscience, listening to God, prophecy, sin and repentance. Old Testament survey
Relationship to God and others, salvation, growing in faith, servanthood, omniscience, omnipotence New Testament survey
Making your faith your own Acts
    9/10    Apologetics Topical
Worldview Topical
Living out the Christian life Ecclesiastes


If you desire more details on the NICS Bible curriculum please call the office to set up an appointment.