It is time to clean the NICS Royal Closet!
If you have pants, shorts, or any other items that are currently are in the Royal Closet but are yet to sell, you have three options:
  1. Come to the Royal Closet “big sale” on Tuesday, August 5 in the NICS gym from 10am to 1pm and claim these items, or
  2. Call and leave a message at NICS (772-7546) before 8/5/14 to have your items set aside in the office, or
  3. Any remaining items after the August 5 sale will be donated so that we can restock the Royal Closet with items in good repair from current NICS families.

Please keep in mind that any items dropped off for resale that are soiled, missing buttons, or in poor condition will not be put into the sale.  Also, after 8/5/14 we will no longer sell any pants or shorts in the Royal Closet.