ShopWithScrip  (gift cards)

Strange name, big profits! Since we began the scrip fundraiser in 2011, we have raised over $5100. It’s easy to participate. Scrip is simply the name given to the process of buying a gift card from the school and using it to purchase everyday items. For example, say you need to put gas in your car. You can purchase a gift card from any of the five local participating gas stations (more available online) from us for $25 – $100. You go to the gas station and get the same amount to put in your gas tank. Because the school was able to buy the gift card at a discount, but sold it to you at full price, the school makes money.

You can purchase your gift cards in the office or online. Place orders online at and use school code C8L336F229L94 if you are signing up to order for the first time. Call Marilyn Gross at 772-4722 if you have questions.

This is an important on-going fundraising effort that needs your support. Parents that buy scrip get to deduct one hour of parental service time for every $100 they spend buying scrip. It’s a win, win, win!

We keep plenty of local gift cards on hand, so you can stop by any time the office is open to pick some up. Here is a SCRIP order form that shows all the cards we have available every day!