The dress code at North Idaho Christian School has several aims.
The principles found in I Timothy 2:9-10, 4:12 and Titus 2:6-8 teach:

  • Appropriateness: “in harmony with the situation”
  • Modesty: “moral sensibility within the bounds of propriety”
  • Humility: “not proud or self-assertive”

The school established its rules of dress to meet these standards and also to reasonably enforce them.

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Uniforms may be purchased from the following supplier. 

NICS also has a consignment closet which is open Mondays after school at 3:15, or by appointment.

Dennis Uniforms, Spokane, WA
Spokane store @ 526 W. Main Avenue
Call toll free (800-854-6951)
On line @  http://www.dennisuniform.com/onlstore/ShowSchoolCatalog.asp?sc=ZGN654
  • Dennis catalogs are available in the school office.


Uniform pants and shorts only may be purchased from the uniform department at Sears, Land’s End, and Old Navy and must be khaki or navy blue in color.  Jumpers, dresses, skorts, blouses, shirts must be purchased through Dennis Uniform or through the school’s consignment closet. Please note:  skirts and shorts should be no shorter than a hand’s width above the floor when the student is kneeling.

**If you have any questions about uniform guidelines, please contact the school office before making any purchases.



  • No body pierced jewelry.
  • (Guys) No earrings.
  • (Girls) Two earrings per ear lobe. No earrings in the cartilage of the ear.


  • Shoes are to be appropriate and safe for school wear.


  • Hair color should be natural in color and not draw undue attention in style.
  • Hair length for boys should be above the eyebrow, above the shirt collar, and not fall below the middle of the ear.


Guidelines are to be followed for all school related activities: sports events, awards night, field trips, etc.

Non-compliance may include, but is not limited to, any of the following actions:

  • Student may be asked to go home and change clothing.
  • Parents may be asked to bring a change of clothing to school
  • Student may not be able to attend classes for the remainder of the day.