Full time teachers for Secondary Bible, English Science & Math

These positions are responsible for providing instruction with a biblical worldview.

Primary Role:

To plan, instruct, and organize an instructional environment which helps students learn subject matter and skills that will contribute to their educational and social development.


  • Personal Relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree
  • Prior teaching experience is preferred, but not required
  • Willingness to commit to two years of service


The teacher is required to follow all Board policies and to comply with the instructions/directives from his/her supervisor(s). In addition, the teacher shall perform in a manner that meets the following Standards and Elements.

  • Teacher demonstrates leadership
  • Teacher establishes a respectful Christ like environment for a diverse population of students
  • Teachers know the content they teach
  • Teachers facilitate learning for their students
  • Teachers reflect on their practice

Teacher candidates should be comfortable:

  • Monitoring and tracking student performance data
  • Maintaining student behavior
  • Have experienced classroom management
  • Lesson planning and differentiating instruction
  • Selects appropriate learning resources for students, being mindful of cost for the student