August Newsletter

North Idaho Christian School NewsI can hardly believe it is just about time for school to start again.There are a few changes that will be important for youand your child(ren) to note.1st notable change~ 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade will nowbegin at 8 am.2nd~ The lunch program has changed and students inelementary school will need to pay ahead. RenWeb onlyallows positive balances. Secondary remains the same.3rd~ We will be making changes to the Royal Closet.An email with these changes will be coming soon.Thank you to those who volunteered to serve at the fair. Also, thebackpacks are in for those who signed up to wear them atthe fair. Thank you and we will see you there! :)NICS P.T.O.Jennifer Scott.208.691.81105 reasons to join PTO Benefit your child Get connected Tap into a network Be a role model Witness improvementAugust 2019Volume 6, Issue 13 things you need to knowOrientation isAugust 29, 2019at 2:00 pm. Meetyour teachersand find yourclasses. Eat icecream. :)New StudentsNICS is adding aboys soccer team.For moreinformationcontact theAthletic Director.jalonApeters@yahoo.comBoys SoccerPlease startconsideringwhere you willgive your 15required hours.Some optionsare listed on thenext page.Volunteer HoursBut I trust in your unfailing love; my heart rejoices in yoursalvation. I will sing the Lord’s praise, for he has been goodto me. Psalm 13: 5,6Please finish yourenrollment if youare still inprogress. Studentswho are notcomplete by 8/24may not be able tostart on 9/3. Thankyou to all whohave finished.

Blog Post written by:
Paulette O'Neal
School Counselor