July Newsletter 2020

School Update: Unless there is a government mandate preventingus, we will be open and on campus starting school on September 8thwhere masks are recommended but not required.Message from the Elementary Principal: According to Physiology Today Online: “Introversion is a basicpersonality style characterized by a preference for the inner life of the mind over the outer world ofother people.” I am an introvert through and through. Whenever there is one of those cheesy quizzesto see if you are an introvert or extrovert, I always score firmly in the introvert category. When I readarticles about introverts I find myself nodding in agreement. It all makes so much sense to me. I don’tlike parties because I always feel out of place. Too much social interaction leaves me feeling drained. Ittook me years to get over feeling guilty for attempting to avoid social situations until I finally came tothe realization that God created me as an introvert and it was ok. That doesn’t mean I should become ahermit to avoid societal obligations, but I don’t have to feel guilty for thinking that it sounds appealing.Enter COVID-19 and quarantine. For me, quarantine was a dream come true. I could spend days athome without having to leave the house except to take long, quiet walks with our dogs. My husbandworks at a grocery store so he did the shopping. Amazon and Zoom were my friends. And it was allsocially acceptable. It was amazing! Unlike many others, I did not suffer depression during the shutdown; I thrived. However, the months wore on and something happened. As an elementary principalworking from home, I found it harder and harder to keep motivated. In spite of the massive number oftexts and phone calls and Zoom meetings, I felt disconnected. I felt useless. I asked God to reveal whatwas going on in my head, and as always He was faithful. I was driving, praying about my attitude whenall of a sudden I realized that my job had turned in to merely paper pushing, (continued on page 2) (cont) or more accurately, returning emails and typing Google Docs. I hadbecome an office worker working from home, and that is not what God has calledme to do. There was a huge something missing in my work life: the kids. It almostseems like an oxymoron for an introvert, but I love being with kids. They areunique creations full of life and energy. They are sparks that kindle joy andcompassion. With them, precious relationships are formed. I learn from them, andhopefully, they can learn something from me. God put the desire in my heart to bea teacher when I was in second grade and I have never regretted following His call.Do I come home at night exhausted from all the social interaction? Yes, but it is soworth it. So, this introvert can hardly wait to see the kids in September. Distancelearning served its purpose, but I for one am ready to move on. No, it won’t looklike it did last September, but I don’t care. I will wear a mask, sanitize like crazy, ordo whatever it takes to make school happen. North Idaho Christian School has amission and purpose that can only be fulfilled by relationships with students.Those relationships grow best when we are face-to-face, even if that involves amask. ~Mrs. Grinnell

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