October 2020 Newsletter

Accreditation: We received our initial accreditation in 2015. We were going through the re-accrediting process last school year when the schools were shut down. This week the accreditation team from ACSI visited NICS.  They observed classes; conducted interviews with students, parents, and teachers; and looked through files.  NICS had previously submitted a self-study which included evaluating every aspect of our school.  The team poured over the study to see if the evaluation we had done of ourselves matched what they observed.  We are excited to report that the conclusion of the team was that we should be granted another 5 years of accreditation.  The team now makes their recommendation to ACSI and Cognia, which are the accrediting agencies. Our re-accreditation should become official when the accreditation board meets later this year.   Thank you to all of the parents, students and staff that participated in this process.


Calling all writers!  We are moving the Blog to our website and would love to have parents write blogs as well as the students. If you are interested in submitting a blog, please email poneal@nicsroyals.com for guidelines and writing tips. Thank you!




Blog Post written by:
Paulette O'Neal
School Counselor