September Newsletter

Schedules are filled, the halls are buzzing. We are back! Thank you to all who volunteered to get the school, the Royal Closet, and the staff ready for an amazing year. We really appreciate you!

Parent Service Hours Each household is to provide a minimum of 15 hours of service for the school year. A single parent household only needs to meet half of that, or 7.5 hours. NICS provides a wide variety of service opportunities throughout the school year for families to choose their involvement.  There will be opportunities during school hours, for weekend service, evenings, or items that can be accomplished at home. You may pick up a form for recording your completed hours from the office.  Here are just a few ways you can serve during the year: Lunch room monitor, Christmas Market, carpentry, substitute teaching, library aide, phone calls, scrip purchases, and any other area you are gifted in. Be sure to check your inbox, emails are sent out with many opportunities to serve during the year.

Teacher Recognition... Emily Eichelberger (soon to be James 9/28) is being  highlighted this month. She is an NICS alumnus, and recently graduated from Eastern Washing ton University with a bachelor’s degree in Music. She is passionate about music and drama and has participated in many CYT programs. She will be teaching both elementary and secondary students. Welcome Emily!    #communityinChrist #educationpoweredbyJesus


Say cheese!

Thursday September 12 Lifetouch will be here to take each students picture even if you are not ordering.


September 19th


6:30 p.m.


Elementary and Secondary parents join us to find out what is up and coming.


Did you know that every purchase you make through Amazon could be benefitting NICS? Shop at and choose North Idaho Christian School as your charity. NICS will receive .5% of your purchases. Items  and prices are the same!  



Jennifer Scott. 208.691.8110

5 reasons to join PTO

1. Benefit your child

2. Get connected

3. Tap into a network

4. Be a role model

5. Witness improvement


If you are currently or interested in being involved, please come and get to know your PTO.


September 11th

3 pm



*****Royal Closet News******

Changes have been made to the Royal Closet.  First of all, we have a new person in charge of it!  Thank you so much Jessica Switzer for volunteering to take this huge project on!  She will be here most Mondays from 3:30 – 4:00, or you can email her and make an appointment or ask any questions that you may have.  Her email address is  Now for the changes!  We will no longer accept consignments.  We are switching to a buy-out program.  We will have a set fee now for all items.  Items must be washed, no tears or stains and in good condition.  If you wish to receive money for your clothing items we will pay the following:  Polo’s - $2.00, Long Sleeve Polo’s - $4.00, All fleece is $5.00, sweatshirts are $7.00, skirt/skorts $5.00, dresses - $7.00 and shorts are $4.00.  Donations are always welcome.  If you currently have consignment items in the Closet and wish to be paid for them, please stop in at the office and we will pay you from the above pricing.  Please contact us before the first of October, if you do not contact us before that we will assume that these items will be donated.




RenWeb, a web based platform, is the main tool teachers use to communicate with NICS families. Assignments, grades, and announcements are posted on RenWeb. To login to RenWeb:

Go to

Under logins, choose “parent login”

You will be redirected to the login screen

District code = NICS-ID

Username = email used  upon registration

First time users click on “create new parents web account”


Tomorrow is the last day to add or drop a class for high school students. After Tuesday, the course will show up on the transcript if dropped.


Blog Post written by:
Paulette O'Neal
School Counselor