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Idaho Digital Learning Academy

North Idaho Christian School offers Digital Learning Academy (IDLA) courses to junior and senior high school students. Many students are looking for opportunities to dual enroll. This technology affords NICS students the opportunity to work out of our computer lab to make- up needed classes, or receive dual enrollment credit from local accredited colleges. We offer off-campus dual enrollment opportunities to seniors only at North Idaho College.

To determine how best to meet your student's academic needs, please review the class offerings online at Idaho Digital Learning.

The cost for IDLA courses is $75.00. If your student desires college dual credit the fees are paid directly to one of the following colleges; College of Southern Idaho, Boise State, or Northwest Nazarene University. Fees for college credit are $65.00 per credit hour.

The great advantage of this program is its flexibility; IDLA is available 24/7.