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NICS prepares students for life.

  • Biblical studies are required for an NICS diploma. Students are challenged to form a biblical worldview through daily Bible classes and weekly chapel messages with corporate worship.
  • Four years of comprehensive English, which includes World, American, and English literature; grammar, vocabulary, spelling, writing, and research.
  • An opportunity for four years of sciences including: Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.
  • Social studies includes U.S. Government, U.S. History, World Cultures and Geography.
  • Math includes options for Algebra I, Geometry, Advanced Algebra, Trigonometry/Calculus, or business math.
  • An offering of practical and elective courses such as: foreign language, economics, logic/debate, speech, business math, home-economics, physical education, family living, ministry/outreach, and others.
  • Opportunities for service projects and outreach to others—both locally and globally.

NICS prepares students for college

  • NICS requires 52 high school credits for graduation.
  • NICS requires the course work that four year colleges expect.
  • NICS employs qualified teachers to prepare students for a college academic experience.
  • NICS endeavors to raise the level of critical thinking skills necessary for student success at the college level.
  • NICS students’ scores are consistently above national averages on standardized tests.
  • NICS addresses worldview issues to help graduating students discern philosophical errors encountered at the collegiate level.
  • NICS addresses positive character issues to help students succeed as young adults in a college atmosphere.


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