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Mike Empey

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Mike Empey

Mike Empey, NICS Board member since March 2018. Mr. Empey graduated from Portland State University in 1995 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology. He worked in Las Vegas for 8 years in an environmental laboratory, during this time he was married and had a daughter. In 2002 they moved to the corporate office in Reno, Nevada. In 2005 he moved with his wife and young daughter to Post Falls, Idaho where he worked in the custom cabinet industry for 10 years. During this time, he had another daughter, who along with her older sister, have regularly attended Christian schools. All members of his home have given their lives to Jesus Christ and are members of local churches and serve in various ways. He believes strongly in the foundations taught in the Bible and that God's Word is without error and salvation is only attained by the saving grace of Jesus Christ. His children have been in Christian schools from their earliest ages because he and his wife believe they represent the values of Christ. Christian schools provide a needed healthy environment to aid young people’s growth in Christ and where they learn to be good witnesses for Jesus. These schools are a valuable part of our communities where Christ can shine in an ever-darkening world lost in sin.