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Paulette O'Neal

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Paulette O'Neal

Paulette has a deep love for God and a passion for education. She has faithfully attended church since she was a young adult, which instilled in her a strong foundation of faith and a desire to make a positive impact in the lives of young people. She has researched varying types of school settings including all-boy schools where things are active and blowing up.  

After completing her undergraduate studies in social work with an emphasis in school social work, Paulette continued her education receiving her master’s degree in school social work. This rigorous program equipped her with a deep understanding of school law, social work in an educational setting, and effective strategies to enhance focus and academic achievement in the classroom.

In 2017, an opportunity arose for Paulette to join the NICS Royal family, a renowned Christian school known for its academic excellence and commitment to discipleship. Starting as a part-time faculty member, she embraced the opportunity to impact a wider range of students and contribute to the school community beyond the classroom. She dedicated herself to creating a nurturing and Christ-centered environment for her students, helping them develop academically, spiritually, and emotionally. Paulette's commitment to her students' holistic growth quickly became evident, and she earned the respect and admiration of both her colleagues and the families she served.

Recognizing Paulette's exceptional leadership qualities and her dedication to the school's mission, the administrators invited her to join the administrative team. In this role, she collaborated closely with the administrators, offering her insights on student scheduling, assisting in interviews, and actively participating in administrative decision-making processes. Her contributions were highly valued and she used her administrative expertise to help shape the school's strategic direction.

Passionate about connecting with prospective families and ensuring a seamless admissions process, Paulette also served as the admissions counselor. She warmly welcomed families into the NICS Royal community, sharing her own experiences and the transformative power of a Christ-centered education.

Driven by her desire to serve Jesus in a greater capacity, Paulette pursued her ASCI All Levels Principal Certification. Paulette's commitment to ongoing professional development demonstrates her dedication to providing the best possible education for her students and support for the faculty and staff.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Paulette finds her greatest joy and support in her family. She has been married for 30 years to an amazing man who shares her love for Jesus. Together, they have raised five children who have grown into remarkable individuals, each pursuing their own unique paths while staying grounded in their faith. Paulette cherishes her role as a wife and mother, recognizing the immense impact her family has had on shaping her character and values.

As Paulette assumes the role of the school principal, she is excited to lead with humility, grace, and a deep commitment to the spiritual and academic growth of every student. Her extensive experience, passion for Christ-centered education, and unwavering faith make her a trusted and beloved leader within the NICS Royal community. Paulette's ultimate goal is to equip young minds and hearts to impact the world for Christ, inspiring them to become lifelong learners and faithful disciples.