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I interviewed Mr. Bird, a teacher at North Idaho Christian School, about school and teaching. My goal was to show students that teachers are on your side and want you to do the best that you can. Teachers actually chose to teach and want to help. Mr. Bird said that he does care if his students do not succeed. 
Furthermore, Mr. Bird even said that one of his favorite things about teaching is to see students catch ideas and understand them. Which goes into the reasoning behind homework. Teachers assign homework so the student can have the opportunity to learn and practice and with some things even to master them. Generally, they do not assign homework to punish or make the student’s life harder. The teachers really want their students to succeed. Mr. Bird said he wants to see students succeed more than they can imagine.
But one problem does that involve teachers at all. Students can become burned out or exhausted from school. Students can find it difficult to stay motivated and excited about school. Mr. Bird said that it can help to find a reason why you are at school. But not just because you have to be there but perhaps a goal you can work towards. When you are motivated to do something it becomes a lot easier to get it done. 
And finally I had asked Mr. Bird some personal questions. I asked him if he could tell young adults advice about their future career/college. He responded that it is important to know why you are there. Meaning to have your goal in mind or else you could go through obstacles you did not need to. Other advice he gave was to learn from mistakes. I asked him if he regrets doing something in high school and he said he could have been too caught up in sports. From this I think we can take away that we need to focus on the small things as well. Enjoy the simple times and try not to overload ourselves with stress or unnecessary things. 

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