Remote Learning In Session-Mandatory work is being assigned weekly. Please check in with your teacher(s) via email.

Virtual Tour

Please plan for the campus to remain closed until the end of the year. We will re-evaluate if the situation changes. Thank you for your commitment to NICS and for your patience during these extraordinary times.

We are committed to education even during this unprecedented time. Please check your emails and RenWeb as teachers will be providing educational support and will have limited mandatory coursework to be completed. Please let us know if you need help getting reliable internet and a Chromebook for your child(ren).

The NICS Board and the Administration are currently evaluating the grading process. Many schools have moved to a pass/incomplete system and the board and administration are discussing the pros/cons and what it means for NICS. Please pray for them to have wisdom in this area.

Phone support will be available Monday through Thursday from 8 am—until noon. The campus remains closed at this time.  


Although we are taking COVID 19 seriously, a joyful heart is good medicine.

Due to the current shortage, Mr. Booth has never felt more secure in the fact his house will not get TP'd.

COVID Homeschool Update: Two students have been suspended for fighting.

COVID Homeschool Update: And just like that, prayer and spanking are back in school.

Fall 2020: That is not how my mom taught me.

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Tell me something that made you smile today.

The sunshine made me smile today! JO